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Spirit Filled Creations LLC (SFC) is a publishing company that walks through the publishing process with authors by delivering a proven pathway to share their ideas and tell stories in a way that unites and celebrates their uniqueness.

Contact us to learn more about becoming the next Spirit Filled Creations author.

What We Do Best



Have you ever been stuck with an open word doc and a blank page?  Do you have a book idea or outline and no earthly idea of what to do next? Do you ever question if all of your time and energy is worth it?


Every writer needs a writing coach.  That person who knows the pain, agony, and rewards of conquering the blank page. The person who can remind you of your reason why.  The one equipped to give you a fresh set of eyes or a new perspective on your work.  The one that will provide you with accountability and partner with you to establish specific action steps to help you achieve your writing goals.  The one who will provide clarity and fine tune your need/push to write. The right coach not only offers short-term fixes but teaches their clients how to apply strategies during challenging periods. 


The right author plus the right coach equals a priceless partnership.    



Editorial Services:


Spirit Filled Creations straightforward editing service gives your book a thorough review of the basics such as sentence structure, capitalization, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Our full editing service provides developmental processes to improve the overall structure of your book. 

Formatting Services: 


Utilizing digital art and print-on-demand technology your book will be available in multiple formats including hardcover, softcover paperback, and e-book.

Design Services:

  • Interior Page Layout

  • Color Image Insertion

  • B&W Image Insertion

  • Customized Cover

  • Personalized Back Cover

  • Interior Color Illustrations

  • B&W Illustrations

Production Services:

  • Manuscript Prep

  • Data Entry

  • Color Image Scanning

  • B&W Image Scanning

  • Post-page Layout Services

  • Resubmission

What Is Included In Our Service
  • We'd like to see your files before we offer any quotes. A payment of half down is required to start, and the balance is due once you are delighted with your results. We accept debit card and credit card payments via Zelle and Apple Pay. 

  • Our publication schedule will determine the amount of time needed to complete your book order. Once your book has been submitted to you for review/approval, please give yourself more than adequate time to review and request changes. If you are pressed for time, let us know, and we will try to accommodate you. An express fee may apply.

  • You will receive a print-ready PDF that will include front and back matter, and copyright page with the proper elements included (i.e., notice, reservation rights, ISBN, disclaimer, permissions, and credits).

  • We have years of experience producing files for Createspace, Lightning Source and Ingram Spark. For all other printers, please send us bleed and crop marks specifications so we can prepare your data correctly.  If you are using a third-party printer, we will always send files directly to you.  


Submission Guidelines
  • All submitters must be 18 years of age or older and hold the exclusive copyright of submitted works. 

  • Give a brief description of your work (150-200 words)

  • Give an expanded Synopsis of your work (500-600 words)

  • If your manuscript is fiction, give a synopsis of the entire fiction story (i.e., plot, overall takeaway, character arc, how conflict is resolved, how it ends, etc.).

  • If your manuscript is non-fiction, submit a basic outline or an expanded table of contents (provide a brief sentence or two of what each chapter is designed to convey under each chapter heading)

  • Submit the first 3 Chapters only

  • Full manuscripts will not be read.

  • The manuscript should be double-spaced, with at least 1-inch margins, font size 12 in Times Roman font and printed on white paper. It should be printed on only one side of the page, and the pages must be numbered. Make sure the title of your novel is at the top of each page. Manuscripts should always be unbound. Make sure that on the first page of the manuscript your name, address, email address, phone number and the word count of the manuscript, are all typed in the upper right-hand corner. 

  • We ask that you only send us disposable copies of your manuscript, which will be recycled in the event they are not found suitable for publication. We regret that we are no longer able to return submitted manuscript copies.

  • It is not necessary to register or copyright your work before publication—it is protected by law as long as it has not been previously published. If published with Spirit Filled Creations, we will copyright your book in the author’s name and register that copyright with the Library of Congress.


Your money is important to you, and it is to us as well.  Listed on the services page is a comparable industry rate for each of our services, For specific rates, we proudly advise you of our fees upfront via an emailed proposal. We encourage you to shop around with other publishers because we are confident once you see their additional service fees, additional printing cost fees, editorial fees, miscellaneous fees, and 50% royalty fees accessed - you will return to us.


What We Need From You
  • Files: Send us your text in editable format (MS Word) as well as any images (publishing logo, author photo, inserts) at the highest possible quality.

  • Instructions: Provide any styling input you want to give us. This might be an example from a book you like or a description of the look and feel you want for your material.

  • Cover: We can talk about your idea of your cover or you can provide your own- the choice is yours.

  • Trim Size: We need to know the size of the paper pages in your book so we can lay them out correctly. Most printers offer a range of standard trim sizes to choose from.

  • Binding: The usual paperback is glued- however, other printing options can be explored.

  • Color Choice: Novels are typically grayscale but can be printed in color- we just need to know.  Color will increase your print costs.

  • Cover Coating: Coating for your book are gloss or matte.

  • Paper Color: Choice of white and cream paging.

  • ISBN: Include this 13-digit number and we will add it to your copyright page in order to uniquely identify your book for distribution.

  • Restrictions: This is your opportunity to tell us anything else before we get started. For example, you may want a fixed page count or avoid any blank pages in the design.

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