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This is where I am supposed to try and woo and impress you with my credentials and so forth. Well, that really isn't my style.  My days of being phony and superficial are over. But what I can tell you about myself is the following:

  • I'm a classy, straight shooter

  • I love to laugh, and I'm pretty funny 

  • I love to dance, and my guilty musical pleasure is vibing out to Nelly

  • I have 5 children- didn't necessarily pray for 5 kids, but the Lord blessed me beyond what I knew I needed with each of them.

  • I am married to the absolute love of my life, and if I knew back then what I know now, I would have waited my entire life to meet him.

  • I have one grandson, and yes, he is my everything, and he knows it.

  • I love God and He loves me right back and there ain't a thing I can do to make Him change His mind about me.

  • And oh, I am a 3x author, an excellent publisher with celebrity, mega-church pastors, educators and moms as clients.

  • I have a deep passion for millennials and future generations.  

  • I am a puSHEr and I'm equipped to push people, to push YOU, to reach your full potential.

So, do what you do, follow me on social media, click on a few pics and check out my books.  However, if you want your life to change, send me an email and we will make it happen!


Love Ya,


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